The HWS 214 project

"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible."- J Swift -

Today very experienced Yacht Owners and younger ones have decided to find new ways to explore other avenues for their wealth.

Yacht concepts provide a perfect platform to achieve their goals through inventive approaches to yachting, thus opening the gates to creativity and pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

The NERSUS Company started as a group of naval architects, sailors and designers, led by former Captain Jacques Louvet, boasting 33 years of experience in the Superyacht Industry.

The first step was to work and develop a patented offshore rotating self-standing hybrid wingsail rig :


The next phase resulted in the HWS 214 project a 214 feet schooner rigged with two 48 meters self-standing NERSUS Rigs. She is part of a new generation of sailing yachts characterized by simplicity and efficiency of use, hybrid and cutting edge technologies while integrating environmental concerns.

From light to medium wind speed she is a top class efficient motor-sailor that can be used in manual or automatic mode thanks to her diesel electric propulsion and the full hydraulic control of the Wingsail-Rigs handled by the NERSUS monitoring & sails control system.

The software optimizes the ratio sails and propulsion efficiency. A radical gain in terms of fuel consumption is ensured. She is a sailing yacht able to motor-sail in a straight line at 5 degrees angle of the true wind direction.

Above 13 knots of true wind speed the crew may choose to set up a range of furled head sails (staysail , code 0 or genaker) stored under deck and subsequently convert her into an easy, fast and comfortable sailing yacht .

The philosophy of her interior design and layout provide a vast sea view and clear openings but also easy access to the ocean from private areas and terraces. The 360° sea view deck-saloon has a potential surface of about 150 m²

The exterior design accommodates more than 200 m² of spacious and luxurious social areas on the upper deck.

More than a concept , a future of sailing super-yacht made visible ...

HWS 214 perspective
HWS 214 draw