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HWS 265

81m HWS 265 project (Hybrid Wing Sail 265)

The HWS 265 project is a 265-feet / 81m three-masts sailing yacht rigged with three 48m rotating and self-standing patented NERSUS Rig®.

She is part of a new generation of sailing yachts characterized by simplicity and efficiency of use, hybrid and cutting-edge technologies while integrating environmental concerns.


From light to medium wind speed she is a top class efficient motor-sailor that can be used in manual or automatic mode thanks to her diesel electric propulsion and the full hydraulic control of the wing-masts and balestrons handled by the NERSUS monitoring & sails control system.


The software optimizes the ratio sails and propulsion efficiency. A radical gain in terms of fuel consumption is ensured. She is a sailing yacht able to motor-sail at 5 degrees of the true wind direction.


When decision to go sailing is made, the crew may choose to set up a range of free luff furled head sails (staysail, code 0, genaker, asymmetric spinnaker) stored under deck and subsequently convert her into an easy, fast and comfortable sailing yacht.


The philosophy of her interior design and layout provide a vast sea view and clear openings but also easy access to the ocean from private areas and terraces.


The exterior design accommodates more than 150m² of spacious and luxurious social areas on the upper deck.